Pet Cremation Cost

A pet is a member of the family and on its death you feel a sense of loss and separation. This is why people don’t really bother about the Pet Cremation Cost when saying the last goodbye to their loved one. However, one question is really present in every one’s mind, that will your pet be handled individually and will you receive the correct ashes. Many times you hear dreadful stories of the procedure and it is perfectly normal to be wary. The main trouble here is that a pet crematorium is only controlled as a waste plant and the actual cremation part is completely unregulated.

Pet Cremation Cost

What you should bear in mind

When you use the term individual cremation, then it means that the procedure is similar to cremation of human beings i.e. one body at a time and you have the right to expect the same for your pets. There are some no-profit organizations in the United States which have created associations and members of these associations follow a standardized method of pet cremation which includes individual cremation. If your pet has passed over to the other world, then you should look for a crematorium which is a member of such an organization.

If you are unable to find such a crematorium then be sure to make proper inquiries about the modus operandi of the crematorium that you are going to use. It is a good idea to opt for the crematoria which allow you to watch the cremation of the pet. Needless to say they may charge a little extra, but you should not worry about the pet cremation cost, if you really want your pet’s body to be treated with respect and cremated individually.

The correct procedure for pet cremation

The correct procedure for pet cremation, which is genuinely an individual cremation, has many aspects to it. The pet is carefully placed in a clean chamber meant for cremation and this chamber usually has a solid hearth. Then a label is put on the cremator to identify it as your pet’s ashes. The time of cremation is noted in a diary or on an electronic device and the label stays with the remains of the pet throughout the whole procedure. The cremation continues till only the sterile fragments of bones remain.

Pet Cremation Cost

As soon as the remains of your pet cool to the right temperature, they are taken in a tray and all the traces are removed from the hearth with the help of a brush. The crematoria staff makes sure that all traces of the pet are removed from the hearth before another cremation begins. Some crematoria make is a practice of cremating the pet in a tray so that the remains don’t get stuck to the hearth. However, there is only one pet in the cremation chamber and the hearth is always checked to see whether any remains have fallen out. Cremation is a volatile and unpredictable process and remains may be scattered around the hearth.

What you should be careful about

While it is understood that in order to give your pet a proper goodbye you will not be too worried about the Pet Cremation Cost because cremating your pet in the proper manner is more important to you. However, it is also true that many crematoria staff is very callous in their attitude towards your pet’s remains. Many crematoria advertise things like ‘return of ashes service’, special or private cremation, or even cremation on numbered trays. These kinds of phrases mean that the crematoria are callous and will cremate a number of pets together. They may be using some kind of separation, but due to the explosive nature of the cremation, you cannot be sure that the remains do not get mixed. This is the reason that you should be careful while choosing a crematorium for your pet and ensure that they perform cremations of individual pets in separate chambers.

If you want to find a crematorium that will handle the body of your pet in a respectable manner and can truly guarantee an individual cremation, then you should search for the organizations such as mentioned above. Usually such organizations which regulate the standards of the pet crematoria have their own websites and on those websites there is a detailed list of the crematoria who are members with them.